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Title: Livestock Education and Certification for Agriculture Law Enforcement (LECALE)
University of Florida, IFAS Extension
Date Time: 12/11/2017 - 12/15/2017, - , Every day
Location:Department of Animal Sciences
2250 Shealy Drive
Gainesville, Florida 32611

December 11-15, 2017 

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The objective of the Livestock Education and Certification for Agriculture Law Enforcement (LECALE) program is to provide law enforcement and state attorney personnel rigorous and relevant training curriculum regarding generally accepted livestock production practices, skills to discern acceptable animal well-being, and ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills in the field and during litigation proceedings. Specific learning objectives include: Basic Animal Husbandry, Identification, Behavior and Handling, Nutrition, Pastures, Disease and Biosecurity, Euthanasia, Body Condition Scoring, and Live Animal Evaluations. Attendees will receive both classroom and hands-on education opportunities. The LECALE program offers law enforcement educational opportunities with an emphasis on the animal production practices specific to the Gulf Coast region. The program offers multi-species agriculture related education. Subject matter experts; University of Florida professors, IFAS County Extension agents, and Law Enforcement officers will deliver the LECALE program. At the conclusion of the program attendees will undergo examination for certification through the Florida Farm Bureau Agriculture Certification Program. The program delivers the learning objectives over four days with a final day for assessment and certification. The LECALE program will offer law enforcement personnel a great opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills regarding livestock animal production. The associated certification demonstrates an attainment of knowledge and subject matter credibility for the LECALE attendee.

Event Type: class
Target Audience: Law enforcement and state attorney personnel
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Name: Hersom, Dr. Matt
Phone: 352-392-2390
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State: FL